Amir's story - stepping in to prevent Amir from becoming entrenched in the criminal justice system

Giving Amir the chance he needed to realise his potential

Access to a lawyer can be the difference between a client becoming entrenched within the criminal justice system and having a future free from the disproportionate impact of a criminal record.

 Amir came to us charged with multiple criminal offences. He’d come to the attention of police when he was drunk in public. He was 31 and had no criminal history. His behaviour didn’t reflect his respect for the law. We prepared written submissions and appeared on Amir’s behalf at court to successfully argue that he was an appropriate candidate for diversion. This meant he avoided a criminal record.

 Now, using his experience with police and the criminal justice system, he mentors young at-risk African youths in Melbourne. His experience showed him that with the right support, people can positively move through difficult periods in their lives.

 “My community supported me and never stopped believing that I had potential. I am now focusing on finding work and supporting my two kids. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have access to a free lawyer.”