Case studies

Kate's story

Finding a way out of domestic violence

When we met Kate, she had recently given birth. We assisted Kate to withdraw her variation application to ensure that a full intervention order remained in place to protect her. We also advised Kate on how to add her child to the intervention order.

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Jasmine & Lucy's stories

Using housing policy to achieve results

Jasmine and Lucy had the same public housing problem, but they lived in different areas. We had a strong relationship with Jasmine's local housing office and this helped us secure a positive result for her, without needing to go to VCAT.

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Helen's story

Unfairly dismissed at 17 with a family and schooling to support

Helen had been due to go to work one day but woke up feeling unwell and unable to work. Helen notified her employer and was immediately dismissed by way of text message on the basis that she had not provided sufficient notice. This was despite Helen’s assurance that she would provide a doctor’s certificate and her apologies for the late notice.

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Harriet's story

Debt relief helps recovery from mental illness

Harriet was admitted to hospital after experiencing her first episode of psychosis. Two months before her admission, Harriet had lost her job and her home and had drifted from her family and friends. It was during this time that Harriet accrued a number of fines and debts. Thankfully, her social worker referred Harriet to Inner Melbourne Community Legal’s on-site legal service.

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Amir's story

Giving Amir the chance he needed to realise his potential

Amir came to us charged with multiple criminal offences. He’d come to the attention of police when he was drunk in public. He was 31 and had no criminal history. His behaviour didn’t reflect his respect for the law. We prepared written submissions and appeared on Amir’s behalf at court to successfully argue that he was an appropriate candidate for diversion. This meant he avoided a criminal record.

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Dean's story

Advocating on behalf of Dean so that he wasn’t unfairly affected by a mental health episode

When we first saw Dean he was 38, unemployed and on disability pension. He had been charged with minor assaults against two strangers, both on the same day. Dean told us that he’d had a happy childhood, lots of friends and finished high school. He dreamt of becoming an accountant. But he started experiencing signs of psychiatric illness and was unable to function well without medication.

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Bruce's story

Providing Bruce with the help he needed to get back on his feet

Bruce* ran a business as a concreter. He earned a good income and was able to successfully maintain this work for many years, despite having suffered from depression for most of his life. Following the death of his mother around 2010, things got worse for him. He started drinking heavily and using drugs. He wasn’t able to properly manage his business affairs and stopped lodging tax returns.

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*Clients' names have been changed to protect their identities