Amina's story - helping with a complex divorce settlement

Amina* divorced her husband because of his abusive behaviour during their marriage. The years of abuse caused her physical and psychological harm. On one occasion, her injuries were so severe that she could barely walk. The couple eventually separated, and Amina filed for divorce. The father cut off contact with their four children, which left them in Amina’s full-time care, and she was forced to take time off work to look after them. 

IMCL assisted Amina with the divorce settlement because her ex-partner was making the process difficult. Amina just wanted it resolved and to move on with the rest of her life. 

Our lawyers were able to negotiate the divorce settlement and shorten the anticipated length of family court proceedings. IMCL prepared multiple submissions, attended mediation and managed the communication between the parties. The assets were pooled and IMCL was able to negotiate a 68.5 percent share of the house in addition to half of the superannuation amount. 

Amina can now use the $200,000 settlement as a deposit for a home for her and her children. The settlement means Amina can now move on with her life and focus on supporting her children through the transition. 

*Name has been changed

*Name has been changed