Beth's Story - helping Beth erase her debts and focus on her health

Helping Beth erase her debts and focus on her health

Beth felt very anxious for a long time because of her struggle with money. She spent most of her life taking out large loans because it was the only way she could provide for her children. Beth raised her family without her ex-husband’s support, who had threatened suicide until she agreed not to pursue child support. Recently Beth had to stop working entirely because her Multiple Sclerosis worsened and she became a carer for her elderly mother. Even with her carer’s allowance, she had to choose between buying essential items or paying back her debts.

With the burden of her large debts, Beth could not fully engage with the therapy and rehabilitation exercises that she needed for her deteriorating health. To alleviate the stress that was exacerbating her serious illness, her social worker let her know that IMCL could take the weight of the debts off her shoulders. Together with IMCL’s financial counsellor,  Beth finally had all her debts erased and has the space to focus on her health.

After all these years, to see a light... is beyond MIRACULOUS.”