Published on Wednesday 25, January 2017

John Mangan - Celebrating 20 years on IMCL's Committee of Mangagement

The CLC sector’s longest serving Committee of Management member?

Quite possibly! We’ll certainly own it!

Generations of IMCL staff and volunteers past and present recently gathered to celebrate the remarkable 20 year voluntary contribution of John Mangan to our Committee of Management. Since 1996, his vision and direction has made this great CLC tick! That’s over 200 meetings and thousands of hours of his own time.

A lot goes on behind the scenes to keep a vibrant community service like IMCL afloat. The work of the Committee of Management plays a vital, but not often heard about, role. At IMCL we’re lucky to be driven by a diverse and accomplished board of seven who each voluntarily contribute their expertise to oversee and guide our work.

John is our current Teasurer. A section editor at The Age, he served as our chair from 2001 to 2012. He holds an MA in Cultural Studies and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne and has worked in news reporting, column and feature writing and editing for print and digital platforms. A long-time resident of the inner city, he uses his intimate knowledge of our community to help us identify legal need and his communications know-how to enable us to reach those requiring our assistance and to ensure they have a voice.

John helps us all be heard.