Published on Wednesday 07, February 2018

IMCL on 3CR Community Radio Done By Law Program - 6 February 2018

On Tuesday 6 February, our Senior Lawyer Molly Williams appeared on the Done By Law show to discuss the Public Housing Renewal Program. She was joined by Stephanie Price from West Heidelberg Community Legal Service.

In 2017, the Andrew's Government announced that a number of public housing estates are to be demolished and sold off to private developers for redevelopment. Since that time, a number of Community Legal Centres have taken an active role to assess the merits of the proposal and monitor its implementation to ensure residents are being treated fairly.

In the midst of a housing unaffordability crisis with tens of thousands of people on the public housing wait list, Molly and Stephanie explore whether public land should be sold off and explain the residents' legal rights and options.

To listen to the podcast, you can stream it here.

You can also listen to Molly talk about the program and our concerns on Radio National's Law Report here.