Published on Monday 02, April 2018

IMCL lawyer Molly Williams and client Les speak to The Age about the human side of the Public Housing Renewal Program

IMCL has been helping a number of public housing tenants who have been left “in limbo” as the North Melbourne site of the State Government’s Public Housing Renewal Program proceeds.

Speaking to The Age, IMCL lawyer Molly Williams and Les, a former resident of the Abbotsford Street public housing estate and client of IMCL, have shared their concerns about the human toll of the redevelopment.

Residents, like Les, have had to face a significant degree of disruption and uncertainty, with many unsure if they will ever be able to return once the estate has been rebuilt.

“Most people I have met say they definitely want to stay…our big concern is the human side of what is occurring for the return, it just doesn’t pass the common sense test,” Williams said.

“We are looking at a whole lot of heartache and stress to put on people for 11 additional public housing units. Especially when we know what the waiting lists are in Victoria.”

With 36, 000 people on the public housing waiting list, IMCL believes that a total of only 79 additional new houses across all sites is insufficient return for the sale of valuable public land. IMCL urges the State Government to take greater consideration of the needs of existing and future public housing residents.

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