Published on Tuesday 08, August 2017

Reduce homelessness, don't criminalise it

Recently, we wrote an article for the North & West Melbourne News to inform our local community of the need to take positive steps to reduce homelessness, rather than criminalise people for behaviour associated with not having a home. This was in response to the City of Melbourne's changes to the sleeping-rough laws.

Based on its extensive experience of the impact of infringements on people experiencing homelessness, IMCL made a submission to the Council, particularly concerned that criminalising homelessness will further entrench disadvantage, and tie up both the authorities and the rough sleepers in lengthy, expensive processes that in many cases are unlikely to see the fines paid.

Through our work with clients like Steve and Stephanie we know that people without stable accomodation need houses and support, not punishment. 

Read the full article here.