Published on Friday 24, November 2017

White Ribbon Day - The Funding Network Australia

On this, White Ribbon Day, we express our gratitude to The Funding Network Australia for supporting us to deliver our Health Justice Partnerships to make the elimination of violence against women a reality.

$30K was generously donated to us to our Acting on the Warning Signs Project with the The Royal Women's Hospital. This allows our lawyers to continue to provide free integrated legal assistance to women at the hospital alongside social work support. It also allows them to train front line health professionals to identify and respond to family violence and make referrals to our on-site legal service.

Alarmingly, 43% of clients seen in our hospital clinics identified themselves as experiencing or at risk of family violence, highlighting the prevalence of family violence and the need to provide women with a safe place to seek help.

At IMCL, we stand up, speak out and act against violence against women.