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Life as an international student can be difficult at times. It’s OK to ask for help.

These stories are based on experiences international students have had.

Learn about the people and services that can help you.

This information is provided free for you to use by Inner Melbourne Community Legal. It was written by community lawyers with the help of international students living in Victoria.

It is not legal advice.

You can contact the services listed above for help with your legal problem.

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With thanks to these organisations and individuals for their input:

This resource was supported through the International Student Welfare Program, a Victorian Government initiative, with further support from the City of Melbourne.

Get free, confidential help

Community Legal Centres (CLCs)

CLCs are independent community organisations that provide free legal services to the public. They help people who are ineligible for legal aid and cannot afford a private lawyer.

They can provide free legal information, advice and in some cases ongoing assistance to you as an international student.

Other places that can help you

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

If you're having a problem getting a refund from your school or the place where you live, CAV might be able to help you fix it.


If you need help with a fine, the FineFixer website can guide you through some steps to fix your problem.

Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)

You should only get immigration assistance from registered migration agents. To be legally allowed to do this, they must be listed on the Register of Migration Agents, held by the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Search the Register before choosing one.

Overseas Students Ombudsman (OMO)

If you think your private education provider hasn't followed the rules or has treated you unfairly, you can complain to the OSO. They can talk to your provider and investigate, and they can ask them to fix your issue.

Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA)

The RTBA holds all Victorian rental bonds. A bond is a security deposit that you pay when you move into a place to live. You get it back at the end of your lease if there is no damage to the property.

Safe Steps

If a family member or someone you are in an intimate relationship with is hurting you or making you feel scared, sad or controlled, safesteps can help you with free 24/7 phone advice and specialist support services. They also provide online translated information in your language.

Study Melbourne Study Centre (SMSC)

SMSC is a support service run by the Victorian Government for all international students in Victoria. You can get information, referral and practical support from them and they also have a place where you can study.

Tenants Victoria

If you have a problem with where you live, Tenants Victoria can give you free telephone advice in your language. They also have free online information in English and other languages.

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA)

If you have a legal problem, you can read free legal information on the VLA website. They can also give you free legal advice on the phone in your language and sometimes give you ongoing help with your situation.

Victoria Police

If you or someone around you is unsafe, if there is a serious emergency, or if someone has committed a crime, you can contact the police for help.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

If you have a dispute with someone about things like goods and services or renting, or you are unhappy with a decision by a government agency, you might be able to take it to VCAT. If VCAT agrees with you, they can force the other person to fix the issue. You can check if VCAT cover your issue online in your language.

Victorian Ombudsman

If you think your public education provider hasn't followed the rules or has treated you unfairly, you can complain to the Victorian Ombudsman. They'll talk to your provider and investigate, and they can ask them to fix your issue.